If you are planning to buy a home, then the most crucial step is to find a genuine real estate buyer agent (partner) you realize your requirements, knows the current market well and has the experience in leading you to the best buying of your home. Buying a home is a big monetary decision that you make, and discovering the best partner to represent your needs is important in getting the finest return on the investment. If the choice is right then the process will be completed without any issues. But if the partner is not worthy, then you may have to face many problems in the future. Agents at Utah Luxury real estate group will ensure that your transactions are safe and you have real value for the investment, by ticking all the crucial elements of buying.


Advantages of having the right buying agent as your trusted partner:

A genuine and expert partner will:

  • Assist you in financial choices with the pre-approval procedures and thereby making you spend wisely.
  • Help completely in your home search with extensive property tours and the inspections that are necessary before finalizing the deal.
  • Negotiate in the right way and also eradicate any disputes during the buying process.
  • They will look into full details about every possible property with the information that you may not be able to access.
  • Assist you in understanding all the related documents, manage evaluations required in the process.
  • Exact knowledge of token-money, escrow accounts, and closure payments.
  • Coordinate with you and the seller’s agent to have a hassle-free and smooth closure.


How to select a trusted real estate partner?

Take a look at the below points before selecting your real estate partner in buying a home.


1.Create a Short List of Agents:

With the internet world, you can easily find many real estate agents nearby your area with a search on real estate websites. Many websites show a complete list of agents with their client testimonials and recent listings. This will help you to look at the agents who have recently associated with buyers in the required area. It is also a good idea to inquire about your friends and relatives if they know a genuine real estate agent with whom they have associated before that may help you in the initial shortlisting.


2. Speak to an agent and analyze:

After shortlisting potential clients, the next step is to speak to them. An in-person meeting will help you to know the person, what are their ideas and whether their values are matching your personality or not. Since they would be the persons who will lead you in the most crucial and financially important process, you should have a good feeling while you communicate with them. You don’t need an agent who hides bad news or wrongly depicts them. They need to be truthful at every stage. Make sure to ask the below queries in your first meeting.


·         How accustomed is the agent with the areas that you’re looking for?

·         What are the on-goings in the locality that you must be aware of and how they may influence the home values shortly or in the future?

·         At what intervals will the agent show you new listings matching your requirements and the availability of the agent is showing the property?

·         Are they aware of any other professionals required during the process?

·         What is the standard successful buying process timeline with the agent?

·         What is the number of homes that a buyer sees with that particular agent before making a successful purchase?

·         Will the agent accompany every home inspection?

·         What is the sale-to-list ratio of the agent for the latest transactions? 


3. Look for honesty:

The best way to review an agent’s work is to analyze their previous works, importantly the method they market the other properties. Look for their listings, websites, brochures and also their appearance. They should be honest in their approach and the showcasing of the previous works. You must have a feel of calmness and reliability while communicating with them. If they try to pressurize you or try to make you compromise on your needs then you must refrain from them.


4.Risk mitigation:

A genuine buying agent should be honest about all the buying details. It is very important to associate with an agent who eliminates all the risks and is realistic in the approach. Major factors like investment research, current market trends and future impact of the property are very crucial and agents need to be having real data in the information they provide to you.


5.Request references and verify:

Request the buying agents to give the information with contact details on the homes they have sold in the recent times. Speak to those clients to know their experience about the agent and what kind of assistance they got throughout actions like inspection, listing, negotiation and legal procedures. If they still like the agent and recommend for their next process too, then you can trust the agent.


6. Check their license:

You may find an agent who may have a fraud with the real estate license. Hence you need to check whether an agent’s license is genuine or not. The searchable database by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) will show you whether the license is genuine or not. A registered real estate agent will also a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).



Your buying agent or buying partner must be persistent with you and your situations. They should be dedicated to safeguarding your interests across the entire process with professionalism and work ethics. Buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions of a person’s life. Therefore, having a trusted partner in your home searches like Utah Luxury real estate group with proven work quality and experience to guide you through the complete transaction is the key to the smooth completion of the buying process.