Knowing the exact market value of the property gives you a better hold over your property sales, refinancing, taxes and insurances. It is also important if you are going to buy a property on that particular day. Along with this, it also gives a proper estimation of the investment strength and equity of the property. As real estate is a varied market even within the same locality, it requires proper analysis of involved aspects. If you are buying or selling your Park City Area home, having the guidance of an expert like Utah Luxury Real Estate Group will assure that you get perfect market value for your property.


What is market value?

Market value is what is the cost of the property under present conditions. It is affected if the party is under pressure to finish the process due to factors like family issues or relocation. It requires analysis of many influencing factors but it will save you loads of money if you apply the correct approach. The exact value of any property is dependent on the detailed process of considering impactful players in the process. 

In a property sale, sellers will have a proposed value and try to find buyers who are in the same estimates. Also, the buyers will vary and press down the prices depending on their research and market value analysis. This complete process is never constant and varies according to market ongoings. Many factors influence the price of the property irrespective of changing market conditions.

Below are the factors that will influence your home's market value, including:

  • External features: Property condition, portion size, Trends of a particular type of architectural, drainage systems, pavements, surrounding environments, etc.
  • Internal features: Property construction quality, present condition of the property, utilization of energy, number of rooms, etc. 
  • Demand: The total quantity of properties for sale and the number of buyers also influence the rate of property in a particular area.
  • Location: There would be an already established market value for a particular location that will influence the total sale.


How to determine the exact market value of a home:

Determining how to know your property’s value with the assistance of tools and expert professionals aids you effectively sell, buy, refinance and get lower property rates which will hugely benefit you.

Below are a few methods to follow for assessing the exact market value of your property: 


1. Using an online comparative valuation tool: With the use of an effective valuation tool, you will get a fair estimate of the property’s market value. They will not have any biased results and provides near accurate value. You must ensure that you enter all the upgradations to your property after your ownership as these factors will have a huge impact on the value of the property. They make use of public records such as ownership details, property transfers, tax valuations and blend them with unique calculations to provide the exact value.


2. Perform a relative market analysis on the property (CMA). This is a process of comparing your property to similar properties to develop a mathematical breakup. It includes the worth of your property, relative to neighboring properties with similar features. This process is very important to know the right price in the current market conditions.


3.Property appraiser for performing an appraisal of the property: If you have an expert property appraiser, it will largely benefit you. The property appraisal report from them will have a huge impact on sales. You can get an exact value by using the services of more than one appraiser. Later, you can take the average of those values to get the perfect rounded figure. As a property owner, you can use the services of an appraiser at any time of the year. This is a proven method, a majority of the US property owners know the value of their homes via the appraisals.


4. Research of surrounding similar properties: Find the lately sold properties in the neighboring area that are alike to your properties in overall size, square feet, conditions, and other features. Sum up the final sale cost of every property and then divide them by the total number of properties to know the average selling price. To know the average per square feet value, divide the average sale price to the average square footage of the property. You can get your property value by multiplying this average price with the total square feet of your property.


5. Know the tax assessment: Visit your local taxing firm and get the property tax assessment for your house. You can also assess by knowing the rate of taxation by knowing the property value percentage and dividing them by tax rates. This will help you to know the exact tax value for your property. 

Overall, determining the accurate property value will allow you to analyze your total budget and also get the perfect value for your property. The majority of Americans feel that it will provide a fair estimate of the overall financial health.



Regardless of your plan for selling, refinancing or assessing taxes for your property, it is important to rightly asses the market value. Even if you want to buy a home in the coming days, knowing the exact market value in your locality will help to save you from paying more than its exact value. If you are staying in Utah park city area and planning to buy or sell a home, then the Utah luxury real estate group should be your first-choice realtor. They possess the required experience and skills and have a team of award-winning professionals for processing your job. They have a splendid knowledge of all the factors in Utah park city area you will be ensured of covering all possible aspects. As a prospective seller or buyer, you will get a reliable association in your property selection who will effectively know your requirements and act accordingly in the process.